JVH is the market leader supplying ingredients, semi processed and processed materials for the food industry. Our company is committed to provide an outstanding, differentiated and valuable service to our customers.

We are exclusive representatives of ingredient manufacturers and integrated solutions recognized globally.

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Juan Van Heel is a company dedicated to the commercialization of raw materials and supplies for the food industry. The portfolio of products handled by the company covers a broad spectrum:


We have a strong reputation as a reliable partner to globally recognized manufacturers:


Our customer's satisfaction and building long lasting relationships are our priorities

JVH client for 25 years Dairy Industry

Through our long business relationship, JVH has always demonstrated innumerable attributes providing highly trained professionals, specialized technical support and being a strategic partner during commercialization.

JVH client for over 10 years Dairy industry

For more than 10 years of commercial relationship, JVH has given us a wide experience in internationally recognized raw materials, excellent customer service and high quality consultancy in new product developments.

JVH client Mass consumption industry

We are very happy and satisfied with the commercial relationship we have with JVH, who always attend to our requirements in a very attentive, cordial and efficient manner. It really is nice to receive a helpful service when purchasing materials.


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Main phone number: (+58) (212) 981.15.11
Email: ventas@jvhcorp.com